Total Joint Arthroplasty in a Stand-alone Ambulatory Surgical Center: Short-term Outcomes

22knee-1445460477281-superjumboFor decades, the average hospital stay following total joint arthroplasty (TJA) has been getting shorter. The historical standard was several weeks of hospitalization, yet improvements in perioperative care have reduced the average length of stay to a few days. Medicare recognizes a 3-day inpatient stay as the standard of care following hip or knee replacement. Yet continued advances in minimally invasive surgical techniques, short-acting general anesthetics, long-acting local anesthetics, and blood loss management have further improved the safety and recovery for TJA procedures. Thus, further reductions in postoperative hospitalization have been implemented around the country, with surgeons reporting successful same-day protocols, as defined by hospitalization discharge on the day of surgery. Although these studies have presented results of same-day TJA in the hospital setting, this study is the first to report on the perioperative adverse events and early outcomes of 51 consecutive TJA procedures performed in a stand-alone ambulatory surgical center (ASC). The ASC offers an ideal setting to perform such procedures in the properly selected patient population, obviating any form of postoperative hospitalization. Although 16 (31.4%) of 51 patients reported minor adverse events in the postanesthesia care unit, specifically nausea and/or pain, early intervention permitted 50 (98.0%) of 51 patients to be discharged home, on average 176 minutes after surgery, with 1 patient discharged to a rehabilitation facility as arranged prior to surgery. There were no major adverse events in the 90-day perioperative period, and although 1 (2.0%) patient was hospitalized for persistent incisional drainage, none required admission for pain. This study examines the strict eligibility criteria and perioperative analgesia protocols that permit successful outpatient TJA. [Orthopedics. 2016; 39(4):223–228.]

By Bertrand W. Parcells, MD; Dean Giacobbe, MD; David Macknet, BA; Amy Smith, MSN, RN; Mark Schottenfeld, MD; David A. Harwood, MD; Stephen Kayiaros, MD | Helio Orthopedics


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