Aetna puts more than 900 physicians on notice they fall within top 1 percent of opioid prescribers

OpiodHFN_18Aetna has sent a letter to over 900 physicians, telling them they fall within the top 1 percent of opioid prescribers.

Aetna gave no mandate, but included with the letter a checklist for prescribing opioids that asks them to consider non-opioid therapies, to set realistic goals for pain, and to discuss the benefits and risks with patients, among other considerations.

“Based on an analysis of our pharmacy claims data over the past year, you have been identified as falling within the top 1% of opioid prescribers within your specialty,”  Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Harold L. Paz, MD wrote and underlined in the letter that addresses in bold the “Top 1% of Opioid Prescribers.”

The undated letter was sent earlier this month or late last month to 931 physicians, Aetna confirmed in a story first reported by The Washington Post.

By Susan Morse | Healthcare Finance


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