Why cheap NHS hip implants are leaving thousands in crippling pain

31967C1000000578-3741868-image-a-1_1471285262955Thanks to his two hip replacements — one off-the-shelf, the other custom-made — Jason Mottram is an unusual walking case study.

And for the 170,000 NHS patients who will undergo hip and knee replacement surgery in the next 12 months, his is a cautionary tale of two joints.

Eight years ago, just before his 38th birthday, Jason’s left hip joint was fixed with a standard, off-the-shelf implant like those routinely used in the NHS.

‘I’d had little niggles for a few years but that summer it suddenly came to a head,’ says Jason, 45, from Loughton, Essex.

Playing tennis once or twice a week, he started to feel a sharp pain at the front of his thigh, which he first dismissed as groin strain.

By Jonathan Gornall | Daily Mail


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