3D-printed spine helps girl with scoliosis be more active

1-3a1fa82968Jocelynn Taylor, 13, is back to hiking and swimming less than two months after having two spinal fusion surgeries. Before the spinal fusion surgeries, Jocelynn’s posture was hunched over. Her spinal curvature was over 100 degrees.

At the age of 7, Jocelynn started wearing braces to try to stop the progression of her scoliosis. However, her spine kept turning and twisting.

Aside from discomfort, Jocelynn’s spine was compacting her right lung. It was hard for her to breathe.

Her recovery impressed her doctor at Children’s Hospital Colorado and assured him that the new technology he used with Jocelynn’s procedure was the right way to go.

By Kyle Dyer | 9 News Colorado


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