Giant touchscreen gives UBC medical students a 3D view of human anatomy

proxy-3Within weeks of starting medical school, first year students enter the gross anatomy lab at the University of B.C. to begin dissecting a human cadaver.

On this day, 288 students are crowded around 48 bodies donated so they can learn their trade — and that responsibility weighs on would-be doctors like several Earth gravities.

“It’s very exciting and they are nervous,” said instructor and senior radiology resident Kathryn Darras. “It’s a very emotional day.”

This year, for the first time, students will have access to imaging tools that past generations of doctors could only dream of.

The giant Sectra visualization screen is a powerful three-dimensional imaging system that displays CT (computerized tomography) scans that can be turned, rotated and cut into cross-sections with the stroke of a finger. The students take turns exploring images of body parts they will dissect that day.

By Randy Shore | Vancouver Sun


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