Can This Virtual Reality Headset Diminish Pain?

vrcare_headset_frogVirtual reality (VR) headsets went mainstream in 2016. While there’s much discussion about the future applications of this shiny new technology, designers at Frog Design have forged ahead to turn potential into prototypes.

Unlike most of the well-known uses of VR, the Frog project is focused on more than fun. Yes, entertainment is involved, but there’s more to it than a captivating game. Their VR Care headset is designed to be used by burn patients who must have their wounds cleaned regularly in an excruciating process that involves scrubbing and debridement. The idea is simple—playing a virtual reality game during the wound cleaning process to reduce pain. Executing that idea was not as straightforward, as the design team had to determine key considerations for and unique needs of the target user, and even went so far as to design VR games specifically for this application.

By Marie Thibault | MD&DI


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