Saving Jojo’s Leg with Pre-Surgical Planning in 3D

tumor-surgery-following-pre-surgical-planning-768x576A five-year-old boy named Jojo from a village near Munich was diagnosed with a rare malignant tumor called Ewing`s Sarcoma. Usually found in the diaphysis (middle part) of long bones Jojo`s tumor was located in the distal part of his left femur and very close to the growth plate. Since tumor-endoprostheses are not available for such young children due to their small anatomical dimensions, an amputation or rotation plasty has to be performed in these cases.

But the surgeons in Munich aimed at avoiding to amputate the leg of this five-year-old boy. Therefore they developed a surgical plan in order to resect the tumor with wide margins and reconstruct the bony defect with biological material (a combination of his own fibula and a donor bone) but without harming the adjacent growth plate. To realize this courageous and complicated plan the surgeons from Munich contacted Materialise.



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