10 Breakthroughs That Are Poised To Transform Our Health in 2017

3065058-slide-istock101756567xxxlarge-8Immunotherapy that helps kids fight cancer without chemo. Automated cars that reduce accidents and hospitalizations. Virtual reality systems that help surgeons carry out procedures more safely. These are some of the medical innovations that could transform health care in 2017, according to the Cleveland Clinic, a large nonprofit hospital system.

Cleveland doesn’t arrive at its list lightly, says chief wellness officer Michael Roizen. It surveys 156 multi-specialty physicians, who come up with 500-plus ideas. It consults venture capitalists and clinical researchers. It forms committees that argue for four or five hours at a time. It goes through a multi-stage balloting process. And so on. Sometimes, the debates get heated. The list, though, is nothing but inspiring, and, most positively, it’s pegged to the coming 15 months (by the end of 2017), not some distant point in future. The Clinic says these ideas could start saving and changing lives more or less immediately.

By Ben Schiller | Fast Company


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