Shanghai researchers develop 3D printed fracture fixing glass

arm-fracture-orthosports-e1478175222885-906x679Bioglass is a material made of calcium and phosphate salt. It is used in medicine and dentistry to bond defects found in bones and tooth enamel. Though bioglass bonding is highly effective, its fusion in larger bone defects has room for improvement. A team of researchers from Shanghai Jiaotong University and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in China have proposed a possible solution, by combining mesoporous bioactive glass (MBG) with C3S, one of the main materials found in common Portland cement, and 3D printing a result. Their findings were recently published under the title Three-dimensional printing of tricalcium silicate/mesoporous bioactive glass cement scaffolds for bone regeneration in the Journal of Materials Chemistry B from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

By Beau Jackson | 3D Printing Industry


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