Robot Doctors: How technology is transforming healthcare

vr-healthcare-1-e1477647645517The healthcare industry has benefited massively from technological innovation, from 3D printing to Artificial Intelligence. New tech has been used to train aspiring doctors and surgeons, plan complicated operations and even to carry out surgery. Despite the adoption of innovation within the sector, there’s a lot of pressure on healthcare to respond to the demands of a growing (and increasingly aged) population. As healthcare improves, so does the volume of people that need medical attention. Currently, only a third of the population can access safe and affordable surgery. According to the Lancet commission on global surgery, the surgical workforce will have to double by 2030 to meet the basic needs of the developing world. This necessary increase in productivity will be a daunting challenge for the industry, but disruptive technology is playing a large part in achieving this expansion. So how exactly can technology help to improve productivity in healthcare?

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