Engineer uses 3D printing to repair his own heart

thyself-2-906x1211When faced with a potentially mortal dilemma perhaps only a brave few would look to 3D printing as a solution, but engineer Tal Golesworthy decided that rather than accept his fate and allow his life to be left in the hands of medical professionals, he would put his faith in a 3D printed model of his own heart.

Tal Golesworthy suffers from Marfan syndrome which affects a number of bodily functions. Simply put, Marfan syndrome is a gene-related issue with a protein known as fibrillin. Fibrillin is vital for elastic fibers such as those in blood vessels. The syndrome particularly affects the heart, and more significantly, the aorta which carries blood away from the heart. The condition can cause the aorta to bulge to alarming levels and can be fatal. Golesworthy had two choices, both reliant on surgery and one which meant removing part of his heart in order to replace it with Dacron, the same material sails are often made from.

By Corey Clarke | 3D Printing Industry


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