The Greatest Technological Developments for the Elderly in Healthcare

cw9mkb2xaaablkzSpending time with grandparents is a lot of fun. They share a lot of untold stories about the past, embarrassing stories about parents (who still like to parade as serious adults with everything to know about life in front of their kids). Of course grandmas have the best recipe for strawberry jam and sponge-cake, and grandpas have a waste knowledge of football and grumble every now and then about why it is not compulsory anymore for young boys to join the army.

And from time to time, you find yourself trying to talk louder to them as they cannot hear well. You find yourself repeating stories as they do not understand everything you tell them at once. You walk slower when you are around, and they often ask you to get things done for them. For example, it is a nightmare for them to arrange problems with their phone bills on the phone because up until you reach an operator, you have to press a gazillion of buttons in a specific order.

By Berci Mesko, MD, PhD | The Medical Futurist


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