I, Robot: How AI is redefining the use of data in healthcare

web_week3_technology_robots-moving-out-of-factories-and-onto-construction-sites_1From customer service bots, self-driving cars and playing ancient Chinese board games, AI seems to be making breakthroughs in all industries. However despite the huge amount of media interest in this technology, the phrase AI is all too often used as a catch-all term for many different technologies. In order to provide a useful critique of the developments in the healthcare sector, it is important that we take a look at what AI means when referring to different aspects of the industry.

Across healthcare and pharmaceutical development, AI brings with it the possibilities of significant improvements through marginal gains. The key to generating the maximum value of the technology is to identify where real problems lie and where real business opportunity exists.

By Todor Primov | PMLiVE


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