VR Health: Technology That Helps Doctors Treat Patients

shutterstock_513478009-vr-health-e1479494189882Earlier this year at Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Alfred-Marc Iloreta prepared for surgery by reaching for an unexpected tool. The otolaryngologist didn’t pick up his scalpel. He picked up a virtual reality (VR) headset.

Iloreta’s patient had a brain tumor, located in a precarious area of the head, right behind his ear. This made the operation even more difficult. The surgeon needed to remove the tumor before it could grow further into the brain and wreak havoc.

Best known for use in immersive games and other-world entertainment, VR headsets could become an innovative tool for many industries, including the medical field.

Iloreta strapped on an Oculus headset and booted up Surgical Theater, new software that creates a 3D model of the tumor. Now armed with a new form of visual information, he could plot out a plan for surgery and prepare for the intricate operation.

By Jason Johnson | iQ (Intel)


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