Bioprinting Is One Step Closer to Making a Human Kidney

bientot-des-greffes-entre-seropositifs-aux-etatsunisBioprinting has been all over the news in the past several years with headline-worthy breakthroughs like printed human skin, synthetic bones, and even a fully functional mouse thyroid gland.

3D printing paved the way for bioprinting thanks to the printers’ unique ability to recreate human tissue structures; their software can be written to ‘stack’ cells in precise patterns as directed by a digital model, and they can produce tissue in just hours and make numerous identical samples.

Despite the progress in bioprinting, however, more complex human organs continue to elude scientists, and resting near the top of the ‘more complex’ list are the kidneys.

By  | Singularity Hub


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  1. The future in medicine will be amazing. My daughter is 12 and recently had a kidney transplant. She asks Mom what will happen in the future if this kidney fails I tell her there is no telling, you may get an artificial one by then, they may be able to grow you a new one by then. Love hearing about all this new technology.

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