3D-printed titanium revenue near $520 million by 2022

3d-printing-medical-titaniumThe recent announcement that GE is acquiring a controlling stake in Arcam will have a profound impact on the additive manufacturing (AM) titanium sector. Arcam owns Advanced Powders & Coatings (AP&C), which supplies more than one-third of the total supply of titanium powder for the AM industry.

Because of this development and other important trends, SmarTech Publishing analysts believe it is an excellent time to reassess the market opportunities for 3D printed titanium, releasing “Titanium Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing – 2017.” According to the report, revenues from titanium-based AM power will reach $518 million in 2022 growing to $1,077 million by 2026.

The ability to effectively process titanium alloys is a leading driver in the development of titanium AM. Titanium is becoming one of the most popular materials for metal additive manufacturing systems due to their growing use in both medical and aerospace industries.

By Today’s Medical Developments


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