3 Healthcare Business Opportunities to Watch in 2017

getty_474895244_122603In 2014, New York based accelerator Startup Health declared it was the “The Year Digital Health Broke Out”. With an increase of 125% from the previous year in startup funding for a total of $6.5 billion, the title was well earned.

Fast forward to the end of 2016, this trend has only continued to grow. In their 2016 Q3 funding report, the report stated “2016 is on track to be the biggest year yet for digital health funding. Q3 was significant with almost $2.4B in deals, nearly half of which were international. We continue to see the market expand globally, with several large deals taking place both in the US and overseas.”

These numbers tell a story that any hungry entrepreneur or founder plotting their next move, would be foolish to not at least have a deep dive into the fast-growing and slow to evolve healthcare industry. If entrepreneurs are famous for looking for problems to solve, it’s hard to think of anything in more need than the current state of healthcare in the United States.

For the hungry entrepreneurs, here are 3 of the biggest business opportunities in the healthcare sector.

By Drew Hendricks | Inc.


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