Two Doctors Simplify Spinal Surgery with the HoloLens

two-doctors-simplify-spinal-surgery-with-hololens-1280x600True innovation tends to come from the places we least expect as developers. The Microsoft HoloLens is still a very new product, and some of the other headsets are still just ideas, so the rules for mixed reality are not set in stone. That means all the real problems to be solved are yet to come.

When a client hires us to solve one of these problems, having that outside perspective is often a great asset; We can see the issues without the minutia getting in the way. The downside is that sometimes inside all of those little details sits the nuance that we just trampled all over. In an ideal situation, when the client and developer are the same person, no nuance is lost—and these special occasions can lead to truly useful, new and unique ideas.

By Jason Odom | NextReality


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