Virtual Physical Therapy Helps Revolutionize Home Health Care

maxresdefault-1The explosion of innovation in technology is fundamentally transforming the way healthcare is administered and managed around the world. From diagnosis to treatment and chronic condition management, telehealth has become a reality. And in the wake of an ever-changing healthcare landscape, meaningful care is on the rise. There is also increasing pressure to address excessive healthcare spending and inefficient care pathways to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

One of the newest fields to be handled via innovative technology is physical therapy. Last year, a pilot program was created by researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas to connect wounded veterans with physical therapy via real-time video, 3D computer-generated worlds, and force-feedback “haptic” devices that could recreate a physical therapist session between patients and therapists remotely over high-speed networks, as Live Science reported.

Now, Reflexion Health, a digital healthcare company dedicated to transforming traditional medicine, has developed VERA™, a virtual exercise rehabilitation assistant that remotely brings physical therapy to the home, empowering patients and providers to save time, steps, and money.

By Christine Kern | Health IT Outcomes


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