New 3D printed bone implant features hundreds of tiny claws, increased durability & longer life span

this-new-3d-printed-bone-implant-features-hundreds-of-tiny-claws-increased-durability-and-longer-lifetime-1Researchers from the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway) have partnered with UK-based additive manufacturing company 3T RPD to develop a highly innovative 3D printed bone implant.

Spearheaded by NUI Galway’s Biomechanics Research Centre, the sophisticated surface architecture of the orthopaedic implant – comprised of hundreds of tiny titanium claws – grants improved fixation and in-growth, ultimately leading to an increased implant lifetime as compared to traditional bone implants.

Despite being a marvel of modern science, orthopaedic implants, at least in their current stage, have some serious limitations. Inadequate fixation to the original bone, both short- and long-term, is one such concern, since a poorly fixated implant can lead to the loosening, and ultimately failure of the implant.




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