Medical Drones Will Thrive in Healthcare: A Safe Road to Health

unnamedAccording to my geek calendar, 2017 will be the year of the drone. These advanced versions of model airplanes or unmanned aerial vehicles are everywhere on the rise. According to the estimates of the Consumer Technology Association, 9.4 million units were projected to be sold in 2016 worldwide; and the number will soar in 2017. The use of drones in aerial photography or monitoring seems pretty obvious, but some fans are already organizing drone races and a less fortunate guy caught her cheating wife with it. But it was certainly Amazon, which generated the biggest buzz last year by its announcement about delivering goods by drones; and that it actually delivered the first packages with popcorn and fire TV to its customers in the UK in December. And it’s not a surprise it was not in the US or China.

By Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD | The Medical Futurist


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