12 Advantages of being self-employed as an independent contractor

twelve-13-advantages-independent-contractor-infographic-smFor many, the advantages of becoming an independent far outweigh the disadvantages. Unlike an employee who works for an employer, independent reps, independent contractors or independent consultants often work for a number of different clients, companies and / or product lines that require their special expertise and established relationships. Independent sales reps and independent consultants are self-employed entrepreneurs and most are very GOOD at what they do or they couldn’t be independent, without that comfort zone of a base salary. Independent agents must be self starters, highly motivated, good at marketing yourself, marketing YOUR business, AND excellent at closing !

Twelve (12) advantages of being self-employed as an independent contractor: 

  1. As an independent, you are your own boss.
  2. Income Earnings for Independent Sales Reps and Distributors are typically paid a higher compensation for actual results than one would receive as an employee. Make sure you leverage your power of already having established relationships and/or the expertise you have. (Compensation for: who you know and what you know!)
  3. Independent contractors have the ability to set and negotiate their own price or fee schedule. Consultants need to understand How to calculate consulting fees when setting up your consulting business.

By MEDcepts


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