Next Step for Remote Patient Monitoring: Virtual Physical Therapy

c2d1_0dvqaap4lqFor patients recovering from total knee replacement (TKR) surgery, physical therapy is a critical part of the healing process. But traditional clinic-based physical therapy can be expensive and inconvenient, especially for senior and disabled patients for whom travel is difficult. Patients who can’t afford or are unable to travel to physical therapy appointments are often given hard-to-follow paper instructions and told to do the exercises on their own. However, Duke University’s Clinical Research Institute is currently evaluating a virtual rehabilitation solution that could solve these challenges by delivering guided physical therapy instruction in the patient’s home.

The FDA-cleared VERA system from Reflexion Health, Inc., walks patients through exercises and monitors their movements using motion-tracking technology to ensure they’re doing them correctly. The system also provides real-time feedback and tips, and sends performance data back to the prescribing physician or physical therapist.

By Taylor Mallory Holland | Insights (Samsung)


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