How health tech is making the future of medicine smart

medicaltech0202aRobots are the new usurpers. There is a consensus that sly animatronics are coming for all of our jobs, no matter how skilled. First stop, self-service checkouts; next, world domination.

We could oppose the movement with the tenacity of entrenched Luddites or learn to co-operate with our robot overlords. There is a growing trade in technology that aids the treatment and diagnosis of illness — and doctors are eager to implement the innovations in the operating room. That means you could be diagnosed by wearable tech and have medicine prescribed by an app, all without waiting to see a doctor. It is potentially very significant for the overstretched NHS.

The latest intel comes from Stanford University, which found last month that wearables can be used to detect when you are about to fall ill. Using data collected from volunteers wearing smartwatches, researchers found the tracking devices could detect early signs of illness: unusually high heart rates and higher skin temperature can prefigure the obvious symptoms of an infection or cold. The team now plans to build algorithms to make predictions more sophisticated and allow users to change their behaviour in order to preclude full-blown illness.

By Phoebe Luckhurst | Standard (UK)

Image Credit: Standard (UK)


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