Digital health deals: Yale New Haven Hospital teams up with Reflexion Health for virtual rehab platform and more

c4vmz6vucaauutlYale New Haven Hospital has tapped Reflexion Health for its virtual physical therapy platform as part of a new program aimed at helping patients recover from joint replacement surgery. Patients at Yale’s Center for Musculoskeletal Care will use Reflexion’s Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA) platform, which offers patients a home-based rehabilitation experience. The platform will be introduced to patients before surgery and concurrently installed in their homes, and they will begin using it while still in the hospital before moving onto their homes.

“By partnering with one of the most respected and technically advanced healthcare systems in New England, we are excited to help a growing population of patients who are planning for and recovering from joint replacement surgery,” Dr. Joseph Smith, resident and CEO of Reflexion Health, said in a statement. “VERA’s ability to transform and personalize rehabilitation while increasing patient engagement and satisfaction is a great complement to traditional physical therapy.”

By Heather Mack | mobihealth news

Image Credit: Reflexion Health


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