Docs Want Convenient Educational Simulation, and It’s Coming

three-devices-layoutVeteran video game developer Sam Glassenberg stumbled onto an accidental gold mine just trying to help his anesthesiologist father.

Glassenberg, who calls himself the “black sheep” game developer in a family of physicians, used to putter around making medical simulations on request, and coincidentally found, or confirmed, a tremendous pent-up demand among clinicians for realistic training content.

“A couple years ago my Dad asked me to build him a simulation for his residents, and I threw it in the (Apple) App Store, basically because I didn’t want to have to load it onto their iPads individually, and I didn’t think about it again,” Glassenberg said. “The next time I checked, it had an audience of 100,000 users. Efficacy studies showed it improved performance. Stanford Medical School pre-loaded it on their iPads. It got completely out of hand.”

By Greg Goth | MD&DI

Image Credit: Level EX


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