The Hospital of the Future is a Network

c5gbhkoxuaaoh8mThe hospital of the future is not a physical location with waiting rooms, beds and labs. It will instead be a network with nodes and connections. Technology, in other words, will be the starting place of our new spaces and will allow us to approach health and care in new ways. A good example is Mercy Virtual Care Center, the $54 million, 125,000-square-foot facility which has no patients on-site. It has over 300 medical professionals who sit in front of what looks like a trading desk or flight control station. They are taking care of patients at home and in beds in 38 hospitals in seven states.

Many of the latest connected technologies driving this transformation, including our remote monitoring capabilities that power telehealth organizations like Mercy, will be showcased this week at HIMSS, the largest Health IT conference in the world. We will discuss how we can connect consumers with connected medical technology and link them to their professional caregivers 24/7. But I am most excited to discuss with other leaders how the Hospital of the Future is shaping up.

By Jeroen Tas, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer at Philips | Linkedin


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