PeerWell rolls out app to guide people through post-op recovery

San Francisco-based PeerWell, which makes an app to guide people through surgery preparation called PreHab, now has a similar offering to help with post-surgical recovery.

Named simply ReHab, the first offering on the platform will be for people undergoing joint replacement surgery for the hip or knee. Since the first 90 days following such a surgery are critical, the app aims to help users manage their own recovery by completing daily exercises, pain management techniques and other personalized, interactive lessons.

Since ReHab only requires a smartphone to use, PeerWell believes it will be far easier and accessible for many recovering from surgery who may not have access to daily physical therapists, and who don’t want to use other post-operative rehabilitative plans that require consulting a lot of paperwork or extra devices.

“Some companies offer tele-rehab services using camera set-ups and other complicated devices to assess range of motion,” PeerWell CEO Manish Shah said in a statement. “Patients will be able to use our technology to complete physical therapy exercises anywhere and track their progress. Our ability to track complex motion straight from the smartphone will do for rehab what the integration of the camera into the phone did for photography.”

By Heather Mack | mobi health news

Image Credit: PeerWell


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