Microsoft HoloLens helps medical equipment maker hone sales pitch

Microsoft’s HoloLens has found a home in healthcare, potentially breathing new life into what has been spotty deployment of immersive digital solutions in enterprises.

Medical equipment maker Stryker is using the headset to help show customers how its surgical tables, light fixtures and displays will look in their operating rooms (ORs). HoloLens serves as a planning and design tool for sales pitches, saving Stryker the time, money and effort it typically spends to demonstrate its wares.

“We have a diverse base of individuals interested in how that operating room is going to look and operate,” says Andy Pierce, Stryker’s president of global endoscopy. “HoloLens enables them to reach that stakeholder base to demonstrate options for customers and do it cost-effectively.”

Enterprise immersion tech adoption remains low

Virtual reality products such as Oculus Rift immerse consumers in a digital world and augmented reality applications such as Pokemon Go overlay digital information over the physical world. HoloLens is perhaps the most prominent product for mixed reality, in which you interact with digital and real-world objects, typically holograms, while maintaining your presence in the physical world.

By Clint Boulton | CIO

Illustration Credit: CIO


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