VRPhysio enables patients to do physical therapy in virtual reality

Eran Orr needed physical therapy, but he found out the hard way that it wasn’t easy to do. Physical therapy is always a big part of rehabilitation, but no one wants to do the exercises. It’s hard to book an appointment with a good therapist. And it’s hard to know what is really working.

So Orr founded VRPhysio, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based company that enables patients to do physical therapy in VR. VR Physio is one of about 90 augmented reality and VR companies in Israel. The company was one of a handful of Israeli companies that presented at an event hosted by Orange Fab Accelerator and the government of Israel’s economic mission in San Francisco.

The company has created a clinical solution that is registered as a measurement device with the Food and Drug Administration. The PC-based VR platform can be used to help patients deal with such ailments as whiplash from car accidents. In a demo, Orr showed how you can — while wearing a VR headset — look upward at some barrels. You fill the barrels with water, exercising your neck. On average, whiplash victims have to go to 30 physical therapy sessions, Orr said.

“We take the physical therapy protocols and put them in VR, measure them, and give you feedback,” he said. “We can see the points in the exercise where the patient hits the pain points.”

By  | VentureBeat

Image Credit: VRPhysio


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