A.I. in healthcare: Risks abound, but so do rewards

When you look at the potential artificial intelligence (A.I.) has in the 21stcentury, the medical field is one of the brightest spots. There are major opportunities for A.I. technologies to make a big difference in terms of health outcomes, reducing costs and improving convenience.

The problem is that, along with these exciting possibilities, an abundance of fear and trepidation exists over the unknown.

What’s in store?

People love to talk about automation and A.I., but there’s also a sense of hesitancy — especially when it comes to something as personal and important as medicine. Do you really want something artificial working on your body or providing for your healthcare needs? (That’s not a hypothetical question, by the way.)

Up until this point, we’ve gotten small glimpses of what A.I. can do in the healthcare industry. But we’re only on the precipice of something greater. In three, five or 10 years, A.I. will have a much greater role in modern medicine.

The question is, what are the risks and the rewards? Let’s take a look at a few different applications.


Image Credit: Thinkstock


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