How wearables will shape the hospital of the future

Modern hospitals are equipped with the latest technologies and treatments. Whether it’s treating complex conditions like heart disease to simple fractures, doctors and nurses have never been in a more advanced position.

It’s fair to say that technologies such as medical imaging and x-ray scanning have revolutionised the healthcare world, but there’s still more to come. Wearables, in particular, are garnering massive interest from health professionals, researchers and institutions.

From VR headsets being used to train the next generation of doctors to in-body sensors that can track patient vitals, the hospital of the future will be connected, real time and powerful.

Monitoring patient vitals

In hospitals, it’s crucial that doctors monitor patient vitals to detect any irregularities, but previous technology has been clunky and full of wires. California-based start-up VitalConnect is working to change this with a compact wearable device.

The company has developed a lightweight, disposable patch that’s attached to a patient’s chest and provides information about their heart rate, breathing, skin temperature, body posture and ECG stats via a special app. Named Vital Patch, it’s been designed specifically for caregivers.

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Image Credit: Oxehealth


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