Samsung’s surgical robots could become the next big thing in medical industry

Since its inception in 2000, Da Vinci Surgical Robot has revolutionized the way surgeries are done.

Da Vinci has been used on more than 2 million patients since it got FDA approval and is the only surgical robot that has that kind of record. Robotic surgeries done by Da Vinci have drastically reduced the risk factor.

If you’re not much familiar about it, Da Vinci is a surgical machine that, with its 3 arms, can perform operations like a surgeon while giving him an extreme degree of precision.

Being called a robot gives an impression of it being fully autonomous which however, isn’t the case. A surgeon sitting on the connected computer controls the arms of robot. The computer provides a surgeon with zoomed and enhanced view of internal body which improves a surgeon’s accuracy.

Now, as at present, no competitors of Da Vinci exist in the medical industry, Samsung has planned to give it one. Yes, Samsung is working on a similar robotic surgeon that will make surgeries less riskier and painful.

While going through my casual routine of fumbling through patents, I found that Samsung has just patented a surgical tool for a robotics surgery machine.

Being intrigued, I went deep and numerous patent documents by Samsung disclosing a complete surgery robot working exactly like – or maybe better than – Da Vinci. The patent images below explain how it will look like in the future:

By Shabaz Khan | What a Future!!

Image Credit: What a Future!!


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