Scopis launches mixed reality spinal surgery navigator with Microsoft’s HoloLens

Scopis Medical said today it launched the Holographic Navigation Platform, a system for spinal surgeries which incorporates Microsoft‘s (NSDQ:MSFT) HoloLens mixed reality system.

To use the system, the operating suergon wears the Microsoft HoloLens glasses which communicates wirelessly with Scopis’ Navigation Platform.  The system overlays the planned position of the pedicle screws onto the patient in the surgeon’s field of vision using the mixed-reality system, the Cambridge, Mass.-based company said.

“Scopis’ holographic solution has the potential to make spine surgery more effective, safe, and precise. Integrating mixed-reality tools into surgery is a huge technological advancement toward enhancing a surgeon’s vision and may provide greater benefits to patients,” Christian Woiciechowsky of Berlin’s Vivantes Humboldt Hospital said in a prepared statement.

Scopis Medical touts the system as the 1st mixed reality surgical holographic navigation platform which integrates the HoloLens system from Microsoft.

By Fink Densford | MassDevice

Image Credit: Scopis Medical


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