Seattle Children’s Hospital to test new VR medtech that could change the lives of patients

A medical diagnosis can be one of the most terrifying and confusing days of a patient’s life. Doctors often struggle to fully explain a person’s illness to them because internal structures, like a tumor, can be hard to visualize.

Soon, doctors could have a new tool that helps remove some of the confusion from a diagnosis: virtual and augmented reality.

University of Washington startup Pear Med is taking advantage of that tech with VR and AR software that compiles medical scans into an interactive 3D model. The startup is currently negotiating a partnership with Seattle Children’s Hospital to further develop their technology, which could revolutionize the way doctors communicate with their patients and help surgeons prepare for complex procedures.

Co-founders Ryan James and Mark Laughery started Pear Med during their UW software entrepreneurship class in winter of 2016 and have since moved the startup to CoMotion Labs, the university’s virtual reality and augmented reality incubator.

The two combined James’ health informatics background with Laughery’s design experience to make medical data easier to visualize for patients, doctors and medical students.

“We’re still trying to find our niche, so that’s one of the reasons we’re so excited about this Seattle Children’s partnership because they really want to help us understand exactly how this can be used in a hospital,” James said.

By Timothy Kenney | GeekWire

Image Credit: CoMotion Labs


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