ovidVR disrupts surgical training and medical education by providing state of the art VR technology

Innovative, Disruptive Virtual Reality Surgical Training

Vienna, AT, May 25, 2017 – ovidVR, an innovative enterprise, announces its entrance to the Surgical Training sector with its game-changing Virtual Reality Surgical Training products, namely ovid-TKA and ovid-THA.

ovid-TKA and ovid-THA, the VR versions of a complete Total Knee and Total Hip Arthroplasty, respectively, are designed to deliver the ultimate, comprehensive, simulation-based Surgical Training Tools in hyper-realistic set-ups. As such, they empower surgeons and medical professionals to train and master the perfection of complex clinical procedures in a fail safe environment.

“We are proud to be delivering the first complete VR enterprise application that ignites novel ways of conceptualizing Surgical Training, a much-desired advancement within the Healthcare ecosystem, unleashing unlimited possibilities.” Panos Trahanias, CEO.

“ovidVR revolutionizes the techniques, methods and procedures of how medical personnel are trained, delivering a more effective and safe training routine; ultimately, helping Surgeons to realize the Hippocratic Oath – First, do no harm.” Eleftherios Tsiridis, CSO.

“At ovidVR we are continuously pushing the limits of novel VR systems, delivering enterprise applications beyond the state of the art, effectively transferring cutting edge computer science and VR-technology into high-value medical tools.” George Papagiannakis, CTO.

The ovidVR technology delivers a fully customizable, interactive, hands-on training solution. With minimal set up requirements and portable nature of the product, ovidVR is scalable to meet diverse organizational needs, remaining a paramount, cost effective solution.

Such unprecedented training functionality allows a practitioner to select the operation to perform, the difficulty level and immerse into a training session tailored to his/her personal needs. Throughout the session the trainee is required to make key decisions and appropriate guidance is provided in order to stimulate the learning mechanism. Upon completion of the training session, objective performance analytics are available to the practitioner and the training leader, enabling a holistic training curriculum.

‘metamorphosis’ of Surgical Training in VR

If you would like more information about this topic, please visit our Booth H-02 at EFORT 2017 Conference, contact Konstantina Makri at +44 7884414341 or email at

Press Release: ovidVR Product Launch


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