Dr. Google And The New Group Practice That Includes Drs. Apple and Amazon

Here we go again.

Apple and Google have been making the news recently about how these tech giants are moving into health. And now, we see Amazon stepping into the U.S. drug distribution business after a foothold in Japan.

Can these three tech giants change the game on health delivery? I often talk about digital health innovation in the context of a three-legged stool. Success requires three basic ingredients:

  • The lightning bolt of innovation. Propose the big idea—often found outside of pharma—that introduces a new concept.
  • Validation of concept. Bring the idea to life and support it with data.
  • Market access. Initiate outreach to an audience—from physician to consumer.

Interestingly, these three essential pillars are coming to life in the form of Google, Apple and Amazon. Each of these three companies uniquely represent disruptive thinking that will emerge as a new approach for the life sciences industry or as new methodologies that will act as a wake-up call for pharma.

So, let’s take a look at these traditional pillars of innovation and see how these tech companies help complete a new picture of success.

The path of bold innovation. 

Innovation is no stranger to pharma. But the headlines are often grabbed by the idea of Health Kit from Apple and the recent early cancer detection company Freenome, acquired by Verily, the life sciences arm of Google’s parent company Alphabet.

The new relationship with the health consumers.

The disconnect between pharma and the patient is a source of constant discussion. But the relationship that Apple, Google and Amazon foster with their customers is legendary. And as these companies move forward in the health space, they can either redefine this relationship or offer a few lessons to be adopted by the more traditional drug companies.

By John Nosta | Forbes

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