VR Serious Games Redefining Physical Therapy

The Virtual Reality Physiotherapy (VRP) Market is expected to experience an exponential growth over the coming years.

Physiotherapy has become an integral part of any rehabilitation process and awareness of the importance of Physiotherapy is constantly increasing. More and more people are experiencing injuries due to car accidents, sport accidents, working in front of computers, staring at smartphones and more.

Physical therapy helps shorten hospital stays, provides a cost-effective alternative to surgery and helps patients regain an active daily life. Traditionally, therapies require repetitive, oftentimes arduous verbal and tactile feedback from the clinician. Patients don’t want to do their physical therapy exercises because they are either painful or monotonous. In addition, many typical treatments also lack objective criteria for measuring progress. The whole process can frustrate the patient and therapist alike as they both struggle to measure the patient’s ability in a given task.

To meet the growing demand for rehabilitation of these injuries, an increasing number of physical therapists are turning to video game technology as a way of providing a more immersive and engaging experience when performing physical therapy exercises. At the same time, this solution would provide physical therapists with meaningful data and analysis, enabling them to track a patient’s progress and utilize invaluable data and insights to adjust the rehabilitation process according to each patient’s needs.

Israeli start-up VRPhysio is at the forefront of harnessing gaming technology to help treat neck, spinal and other injuries.

VRPhysio® is a virtual reality rehabilitation platform for physical therapy that aims to provide a captivating experience for patients of any age.

Designed to stimulate people to perform specific movements while serving as an accurate tracking tool for physical therapists, its VR games and interactive guides monitor patients through their prescribed rehab or preventive exercises and measure their progress. Utilizing real-time data analysis based on advanced algorithms, the program also generates progress reports containing high-resolution metrics on improvement.

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