Australian man gets new 3D PRINTED leg bone in world first surgery

A Queensland man is the first person in the world to get a new shin bone created with a 3D printer.

Reuben Lichter, 27, faced losing his leg after an infection which rotted the majority of the bone in his leg.

The infection went undiagnosed for four months before the tibia bone was removed in March while medical teams at Princess Alexandra Hospital grew a new bone using pioneering technology.

A new tibia was grown with a 3D printer, using what was left of his bone and nerves from Mr Lichter’s left leg, his fiance Caity Bell wrote on her gofundme page.

Unsure of how long it would take to produce the new bone, Ms Bell said until now, the process had only been ‘tried on sheep’.

Just two days after Mr Lichter’s newborn son was born, he went to hospital, where he stayed for a month before having five operations over six months.

The final transplant operation lasted 14 hours in late August.

Now the 36 centimetre 3D printed bone has been transplanted, it will act as a prop so a new bone can grow, saving his leg.

By Emily Pidgeon | Daily Mail (UK)

Image Credit: AAPIMAGE


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