Why VR will revolutionize physical therapy

As a physical therapist I’m really excited to see where virtual reality is going.

In Denmark we are seeing a dawning interest for the tech and we see more and more clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation centers adopting VR.

When teaching students about technology one of the biggest things I try to get across is that technology is here to make our jobs easier and not something to fear.

Physical therapists are naturally conservative so here’s my bit to make sure that this new technology helps us.

It’s fun and motivational.

Let’s be honest. Doing exercises is boring. Studies say that only 30% of exercises get done when people leave rehabilitation. As a physical therapist I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to see peoples rehabilitation take so much longer because they don’t do their “homework”.

Studies say that only 30% of exercises get done when people leave their rehabilitation.

I think that this is where VR has one of its biggest strengths. The ability to hide exercises in games hold huge potential. We know that games can be habit forming. So why not use games to form peoples rehabilitation habits?

Especially in the early stages of rehabilitation the amount of work you do has a big impact on the outcome of your injury or operation. I personally cant wait to see VR implemented in hospitals.

Imagine when people wake up from surgery they are treated with a plethora of games that they can play to pass the time, but that also measure pain, range of motion etc.

By Jesper Aggergaard | ARVR Journey

Image Credit: Jesper Aggergaard/ARVR Journey


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