ARVIS: Bionic Vision For Surgeons

LAGUNA HILLS, CA – Insight Medical Systems is a game-changing startup that offers augmented reality navigation for orthopedic surgical procedures such as spinal fusion, joint replacement, and ACL reconstruction. Despite the proven benefits of surgical robots and navigation systems, these large systems have not been widely adopted in orthopedics due to their high cost, steep learning curve, and poor usability. Insight is leveraging maturing augmented reality technology to provide a highly cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative that the surgeon can wear. The addressable market in the USA for computer assisted surgery in orthopedics is estimated to reach $1 Billion by 2021.

The ARVIS™ system being developed has tracking and visualization capabilities which allow precise and efficient execution of surgical plans. The headset projects virtual models of the patient’s anatomy into the surgeon’s field of view during the surgical procedure so that hidden structures beneath the surface are visible. Similarly, virtual models of the implants or instruments are projected so that the surgeon can see their relationship to the hidden anatomical structures. Key measurements, such as the orientation and position of instruments and implants relative to the patient’s anatomy, are displayed. This can enable less invasive surgery, improve outcomes and reduce patient risk.

With consistent enthusiastic and positive feedback from surgeons, ARVIS™ shows great promise for quick adoption after its scheduled release in early 2019. David Mayman, M.D. stated, “This is a huge leap forward in computer navigation… navigation unplugged! Finally, there are no issues with line of sight and no big computers in the room.”

“Insight is creating a new standard of care in surgical navigation”, said founder and CEO, Nick van der Walt. “We’re taking the accuracy of a large console navigation system, but condensing that into something the surgeon can wear. In doing that we hit three prime benefits: provide the accuracy, have something that’s cost-effective, and something that’s efficient.”

Insight Medical Systems will be exhibiting at this year’s AAOS meeting in New Orleans, March 7-9, at booth #7013. Contact to schedule a hands-on demo to see what Insight’s technology is capable of.

Please visit for more information regarding Insight Medical Systems.

About Insight Medical Systems: Insight Medical Systems is a medical device company with a focus on orthopedic surgical procedures including spinal fusion, joint replacement and ACL reconstruction. It is leveraging augmented reality technology to provide a highly cost effective and easy-to-use alternative to surgical navigation systems and robots. The addressable market in the USA for computer assisted surgery in orthopedics is estimated to reach $1 Billion by 2021.

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