Ortho Demand Pull: DePuy Synthes Shaping Its Digital And Robotic Surgery Strategy Around Patient Needs

Executive Summary

Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Synthes orthopedic business has taken a measured view of digital and robotic capabilities, rather than acquiring assets that perhaps do not fully meet its strategic needs. For the business’s global R&D head Euan Thomson, any new technology must augment the group’s abilities to drive meaningful outcomes.

  • DePuy Synthes has laid the foundations for its orthopedic robotic offering, and has thoughtfully pulled the elements together to craft what it sees as the optimum package for surgeons and patients.
  • Its vision puts patients in a more central role. Orthopedics is about mobility, and mobility determines lifestyle, says DePuy Synthes, which plans to address real world outcomes as they are viewed by patients.
  • So what? The consensus is that the big players in ortho will each have a robot by the end of this year (though all will not be commercialized), but how central robotics should be to such a mature surgery is a moot point – and DePuy Synthes has its own answer to that.

Is DePuy Synthes late to the digital and robotics party? New technologies, tools and capabilities regularly emerge and become either central or peripheral to health care, and the wheels of medtech business turn regardless. That seems to be the attitude at orthopedics giant DePuy Synthes, which in recent months has identified and acted on its own considered plan to maximize value for patients and users with a selective approach to technology integration.

Euan Thomson, PhD, global R&D head for Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Synthes business, believes that it has developed a platform for a solid digital strategy, centered around brand-based technology solutions. It draws in robotics, imaging and digital education systems, as well as products and services that interact directly with patients. Thomson spoke to In Vivo about the company’s plans.

By Ashley Yeo | In Vivo

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