Bebop Sensors Wants to Power the Next Generation of Smart Fabrics

Bebop Sensors is developing a new line of sensor technologies aimed at powering new wearable devices and smart fabrics.

Bebop Sensors, a company that develops smart fabric sensors, aims to change the world of wearable smart devices and fabrics with its new line of sensor technologies that have been specifically designed to bend and stretch while being worn on the body. The company plans to market the sensors for the next generation of wearable devices, including smart clothing, wearable healthcare devices, prosthetics, and athletic equipment.

“We have a number of new sensors, including carbon fibers and silver or copper wires that offer capacitive resistive, optical solar, and other methodologies to sense and base fabrics such as twill, felt, kevlar, Lycra, and artificial silks,” said Sri Peruvemba, vice president of strategy for Bebop. “Bebop starts with a fabric material that is then coated with proprietary nanomaterials that give it the conducting and sensing abilities. This material is thin, light, flexible, and comfortable, and is cut to pretty much any shape and size. The sensor material is usually attached to a plastic/PET/fabric substrate, and the connection from the sensor material to the drive electronics is usually via conductive inks that are printed onto the substrate.”

So far Bebop has already shipped over two million units into the field across various different industries ranging from healthcare devices to robotics. The company is particularly interested in changing the landscape of wearable fabrics following its latest line of sensor technologies that can remain stable despite any bending or stretching of the material.

By Kristopher Sturgis | MD+DI

Image Credit: Bebop Sensors Inc.


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