The future of surgery

How digital surgery is shaping the future of healthcare

While technology can help to simplify the complex, it is often hard to see those improvements in real-time. Health care is an exception. Anyone can appreciate breakthroughs that may save a life.

From VR that trains doctors in remote locations to 3D printing that creates customized surgical tools on demand, digital advances are making high-quality care and specialized procedures more accessible and effective. With a presence in nearly every operating room around the world, Johnson & Johnson is helping to shape the global surgical landscape. And by expanding its ecosystem of innovative digital tools, J&J is introducing exciting new treatments and education possibilities for surgeons and patients alike.

According to Euan Thomson, global head of R&D for Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, the key to ensuring such positive outcomes is to remain focused on two targets: patients and procedures. “The variables are patient selection, patient preparedness for surgery, and patient recovery plan after the procedure,” he says. “If we can engage with the patient and find out more about how the physician selected them, how prepared they were for surgery, and also gauge the recovery program after the procedure, we can start putting that information into the same database as the data from the surgical devices; then we’ll start to gain some insight around optimizing outcomes.”


Patient empowerment is a point of emphasis across modern health care. J&J’s answer is Health Partner, a connected health platform with a different tool to address each of the three variables noted by Thomson: a website,, to educate patients before their surgery, a mobile app that guides them through surgical preparation and recovery, and a provider care portal, which is currently in development and being piloted in health systems, that connects them directly to their health care teams.

“We’re using advanced machine learning to provide a personalized experience for patients. As more patients use the platform, our system learns about the best way to serve information and support individuals,” says Jennifer Turgiss, vice president, behavior science and advanced analytics, Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions. “A personalized experience means more relevant guidance, and a higher chance of helping that patient be successful.”

For teams at Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center that have engaged their patients with Health Partner, the platform’s care portal has already proven to be a transformative supplement to post-surgical consultation. “The feedback we’re hearing is that it’s a tremendous help in between office visits to get information about how the patient is doing,” Turgiss says. “When the patient comes back in, they have a history of what they’ve been doing over the two or four weeks since a care team saw them last.”

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