Top 10 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Healthcare

As the ability of artificial intelligence grows it is increasingly having an effect on many areas of our everyday lives. One area where it could have the biggest impact is artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Smart technologies, machine learning programs and robotic devices are all contributing to the positive impact that artificial intelligence is having in the healthcare world.

As technologies and our understanding of the possibilities provided by these technologies develops the impact of artificial intelligence in healthcare can only grow. In turn making medicine more accessible, affordable and accurate.

What follows are 10 of the most important ways in which artificial intelligence is impacting positively on healthcare both now and in the future.

(1.) Artificial Intelligence Drives Innovation In Radiology Tools

For many years it has been possibly to obtain images of the insides of the human body through non-invasive means such as X-raysCT scans and MRI scans.

However many forms of diagnosis still require invasive action such as taking tissue samples or biopsies. While these are highly effective they also come with the risk of infection.

If a patient is already seriously unwell the risk is amplified. This is one area in which the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare can make a major impact.

Further, focused, development of artificial intelligence in healthcare will enable the creation of the next generation of radiology tools.

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence these tools will provide a non-invasive means of taking tissue samples or biopsies. This will ultimately make healthcare safer.


Image Credit: KC Cheung / ALGORITHM-XLAB


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