Precision OS earns accreditation in Canada

Vancouver-based Precision OS has received accreditation from a professional development provider of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada for its orthopaedic surgery virtual reality (VR) training platform.

Precision’s software allows practicing surgeons to perform simulated medical procedures in a realistic digital operating room and offers metric feedback to help users improve their techniques.

Orthopedic surgeons in Canada must undertake continuing medical education (CME) throughout their careers to demonstrate competency. The accreditation means that they can now train in VR using Precision’s platform.

CME in Canada consists of three sections that need to be completed annually. Section 1 covers group learning, section 2 focuses on self-learning and section 3 covers performance appraisal. Training on Precision’s platform will contribute toward this last area.

Dr Danny Goel, founder and chief executive officer of Precision, commented: “Accreditation for Precision means that an independent national organisation has reviewed our simulation and deemed it to be appropriate for a high level of education consistent with formal evaluation of surgeon performance. More importantly, it speaks to the quality of education that we provide where a highly regarded organisation like the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada will provide section 3 credits for users of this particular simulation model.”

“Most institutions and surgeons are convinced about the utility and impact of immersive virtual reality.” As a practicing and operating surgeon, Goel says “the offering of CME through VR further provides evidence of our agenda at Precision OS, which is to provide the highest quality of medical education possible to our colleagues and peers”.

Precision’s VR platform, which is currently being used in 10 medical institutions across North America and was the recipient of $2.3 million in funding late last year, focuses on orthopaedics, but the benefits of VR should not be considered as specific to any one procedure or implant, according to Goel.

By Virtual Reality World Tech

Image Credit: Precision OS


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