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Unreal+Engine_spotlights_precision-os-delivers-accredited-curriculum-for-orthopedic-surgical-training-in-vr_blog_feature_img-1920x960-b60c093c820ddf8999ff49eea6d7a1b9fb2Precision OS delivers accredited curriculum for orthopedic surgical training in VR

(Unreal Engine) – Orthopedic surgery is no game. Get it right, and a patient’s life can be transformed for the better. Get it wrong, and they could end up worse off than before you started. So how are two former game developers and an orthopedic surgeon working together to more effectively train practitioners?

Precision-OS-obtains-Canadian-training-accreditationPrecision OS obtains Canadian training accreditation

(Medical Training Magazine) – Precision OS has earned accreditation from a professional development provider of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada. The program accreditation comes shortly after the company partnered with 10 North American universities and medical institutions to launch a virtual reality (VR) orthopedic surgery training program.

Exclusive with Precision OS, An Orthopedic Surgery VR Company

(Medgadget) – Precision OS is a provider of virtual reality (VR) orthopedic surgical education and pre-operative planning software based in Vancouver, Canada. This software allows for surgeons and trainees to practice simulated medical procedures by providing an immersive and realistic form of deliberate surgical practice that offers critical surgical metrics with haptic feedback.

Precision OS allows surgeons to practice before taking on real surgery

(healthiAR) – Precision OS brings surgical training using immersive virtual reality. This use case for virtual reality enables practice for all skill levels. And, they just secured $2.3 million in Series A funding for their virtual reality orthopedic surgical education and pre-operative planning software.

Precision OS Offers In-Depth Surgical Training In VR

(VRScout) – Failing fast and failing often are the best ways to become proficient at a craft. Trial and error is the foundation of education, with people learning most efficiently by identifying past mistakes and resolving not to make them again. While the mantra might hold true for software companies and startups, however, in some industries, failure is not an option.

How a Vancouver company is taking the future of surgical training virtual

(CBC) – A Vancouver-based company is using virtual reality to teach a new generation of orthopedic surgeons in North America. Six medical programs around North America — including at the University of British Columbia — will soon add the technology, called Precision OS, to their in-class studies.

Using Immersive Virtual Reality Software for Surgical Education

(MD+DI) When it comes to training for medical procedures, sometimes failure is the only path toward eventual success. The problem with taking that approach in surgical training is that, oftentimes, human life hangs in the balance — making failure not much of an option.

Precision OS: $2.3 Million for VR Orthopedic Education

(Orthopedics This Week) – Vancouver, British Columbia-based Precision OS Technology has received $2.3 million in Series A funding led by AO Invest, based in Davos, Switzerland, alongside other undisclosed investors. AO Invest is a new investment fund backed by the renowned AO Foundation.

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