Artificial Intelligence

Self-taught artificial intelligence beats doctors at predicting heart attacks

Science – Doctors have lots of tools for predicting a patient’s health. But—as even they will tell you—they’re no match for the complexity of the human body. Heart attacks in particular are hard to anticipate. Now, scientists have shown that computers capable of teaching themselves can perform even better than standard medical guidelines, significantly increasing prediction rates. […]

Clinical Research

Verily reveals research-focused wearable health tracker

FierceBiotech – Verily has unveiled its long-discussed wearable health tracker, Study Watch. The Alphabet unit formerly known as Google Life Sciences has designed the watch to meet the needs of clinical trials and the patients they monitor, resulting in an unobtrusive device with a long battery life. […]

3D Printing

Could 3-D Printing Enhance Your Joint Replacement Surgery?

U.S. News – These days, 3-D printing can be used to make just about anything – from guns to eyeglasses. In place of the ink used by their 2-D counterparts, 3-D printers take materials ranging from plastics and ceramics to metals and, layer by layer, create three-dimensional objects based on digital files. […]