• Digital Health

    The Top 15 Examples of Gamification in Healthcare

    (The Medical Futurist) – If you measure your daily step count or raise a virtual plant to drink more water a day, you already fell victim of the charms of gamification. Is it bad news? On the contrary! Gamified apps, devices, and therapies will gradually appear in every field of healthcare making behavior change easier and more fun. Here are the greatest examples of gamification! […]

  • Augmented Reality

    Surgery from across the world

    (New Zealand Herald) – Telesurgery, or operating on a patient using a robot hundreds of kilometres away, could be the future of healthcare, say experts. At Microsoft’s annual Inspire conference in Washington DC this week, some of these technological advances in healthcare were demonstrated to more than 17,000 attendees. […]


3D Printing

Groundbreaking Surgery for Jaw Reconstruction

(Materialise) – Newcastle United football fan Tommy Innes has recently undergone reconstructive cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) surgery to remove a tumor from his lower jaw. The 10-hour long procedure took place at The Newcastle Royal Victory Infirmary (RVI), where Tommy works as an NHS electrician. […]


What I Wish I’d Known About My Knees

New York Times – Many of the procedures people undergo to counter chronic knee pain in the hopes of avoiding a knee replacement have limited or no evidence to support them. Some enrich the pockets of medical practitioners while rarely benefiting patients for more than a few months. […]


Zimmer Biomet Announces Leadership Transition

by Peter Coffaro in Press Releases

David C. Dvorak Steps Down as President and Chief Executive Officer; Chief Financial Officer Daniel P. Florin Appointed as Interim Chief Executive Officer; Board Conducting Search for Permanent CEO […]

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