3D Printing

3D Printing: Innovation in Healthcare

Disruption – Medical 3D printing, otherwise known as bioprinting, was once an ambitious pipe dream. However, time and investment eventually made it a reality. Now, 3D printers are helping pharmaceutical companies to create more specific drugs, enabling the rapid production of medical implants, and changing the way that doctors and surgeons plan procedures. […]

3D Printing

Additive Orthopedics Market Drives $500-M in Revenue Opportunities

MachineDesign – In its latest report, SmarTech Publishing analyzes the market value of additive manufacturing (AM) for producing orthopedic implants. In 2016, additive orthopedic production generated almost half a billion in revenue opportunities for printer hardware and software, materials, clinical engineering services, outsourced production, and other segments. […]

Medical Devices

Surgical robots created in the UK set to challenge Google

Telegraph – Entrepreneur Martin Frost is taking on the corporate giants with a surgical robot that’s affordable for poorer hospitals. On the outskirts of Cambridge, there’s an old, converted pig shed that’s shrouded in secrecy. Inside is a cohort of future surgeons being put through their paces. They spend hours upon hours honing their skills. […]